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The truth is that I already had enough desire to talk about Google Adsense, one of the topics that motivates me the most when writing since its potential (although many say the opposite) has no end.

Anyway, let’s start being realistic, living from Adsense is (quite) difficult, but not impossible … however, despite everything we keep asking:

“What are the best paid themes for Adsense?”

In this article we are going to talk about these issues, but first you have to know that the most important thing in order to make money with Adsense is to get web traffic or what is the same … visits.
I think that a good part of the people who think that Adsense is an unprofitable method is because they confuse the advertising implementation model in these two types of blogs: niche blogs and personal blogs.

To be understood, a personal blog, even if it is focused on a particular profession (usually) is not a space prepared to get money with Adsnese and this is what many people do not understand.

For example, in this blog, Blogger3.0 until recently had two banners inserted, One in the text and one below (the one below is still, goes in the template but soon I will remove it). NOT a blog that will give me two hard with Adsense … nor your personal blog, where you tell your experiences or things like that.

It is the niche blogs and only niche blogs that are prepared to rank in the top positions and exploit the entire long tail of a particular topic that will give money in the medium and long term. Blogs of generalist and micronic themes. Blogs where you do not have to talk in a personal way, even where you have no community or comments … Why? because you do not encourage it, you do not need it. They are blogs for Adsense and work with other rules.

What are the most paid themes?
Before launching to talk about CPC (cost per click or what they will pay you when someone clicks on your ad) I want to clarify the following: the best paid topics do not have to be by far the most profitable. This would be so if you had the strongest Web of all, but usually there is a simple rule that is “the best paid is a theme in Adsense more competition also exists in the SERPS.”

Therefore, what you would be most interested in is finding niches with a good price CPC – Competition. Although you can also consider attacking a Mega Niche (this year I’ll do it and I’ll also tell you surely ..) and assume a low cost per click but an influx of visits continues (with the help of a good EMD and some links …)
Okay, but if all this stuff has not convinced you yet, here is a list of the best paid themes with Google Adsense (I’ve spent a little while on Keyword planner to give you the exact values ​​at the moment):

Many of my readers have a hard time getting visitors in such a way that for them I have prepared this free 1-hour SEO masterclass, talking about the 3 main SEO errors for which you do not get traffic:

I know several success stories as far as Adsense is concerned, and when I say I know I do not mean “I’ve read about X person or company that changed their Ford for a Ferrari thanks to Adsense” but I mean people in the first person. With which I have had dealings and that are flesh and blood like you and me. In any case, what do we mean by a “success story”? In my opinion, these are people who can afford to live quietly and extensively on the Google advertising system, with reports on incomes that can easily reach 2,000 or 3,000 euros per month without any problem. (The professor at the University who initiated me in blogging may be a great example) but since this is a public blog I can not give names or surnames to all the Cracks that already earn enough to make a living from it. In spite of everything we will continue …

🙂 Money with Adsense Myth or reality? I’m not an Adsense expert. I would like to be one day, but for the time being my experience is limited. However, there is something I do have and have been the first-hand testimonies of people who already earn a lot of money with Adsense (it was the first thing that caught my attention in my teacher’s blog network) and I am aware that their potential is Stratospheric (If you want to see a Top Case of Adsense, all you have to do is take a look at the Viralnova case … that, yes, it’s not the norm, much less …

but the numbers are there, most mortals would be worth a Fifteenth of his success). Surely you’ve heard more than once that “making money with adsense is not profitable, you need X thousands of page views to reach 100 euros per month.” In these cases I would recommend not automatically believe these types of statements, and I would even say more, I think most of the people who make them (I have heard them in the mouths of many relevant figures in Spanish marketing) do not have a deep knowledge of SEO and what can be done with a niche page and the right SEO tools.

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